Restaurants to eat in Aranjuez

Ours is a large restaurant with three main spaces, dining rooms, bar and Melocotón terrace. We are recognized for being one of the most emblematic restaurants to eat in Aranjuez.

In Almíbar Restaurant you will find a wide variety of specialties prepared by expert hands, over low heat and with the finest spices, in addition, we have fair prices and adequate to the economy of our customers. 

We have qualified, well-trained and fully-trained staff to carry out their work in the most efficient way, as we know that professional and high-quality customer service not only makes a good impression on customers, but also makes them recommend and come back to visit us.

One of the best restaurants to eat in Aranjuez

We keep in mind that food is the reason why diners come to one of the best restaurants to eat in Aranjuez, which is why we work with the chef to create well - balanced menus that reflect our concept of a traditional restaurant, but at the same time At the same time offer different options for different palates. 

We focus daily on offering the best experience to our visitors, we know that they come to us to treat themselves and have a good time, so we treat them as special guests, making them feel respected and appreciated, but above all listened to. 

In our Almíbar Restaurant we are aware that we are not the only ones in the restaurant sector, for this reason we are committed to constant improvement, both in our dishes and in the attention we give to each client, this is how we have achieved throughout the time to continue being the favorites of many.

As for our facilities, we are located in an area with easy access and location, do not think about it anymore and come and meet us, we will attend you with the care you deserve.