Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Madrid

At our Mediterranean restaurant in Madrid , Almíbar Restaurant, we offer you a wide variety of food and drinks. We are a place widely recognized for the great quality and exquisite flavor in the preparations, thanks to this we have become the favorites of the most demanding palates in the area.

We have a work team made up of highly qualified personnel who strive to serve customers making them feel at home and chefs with extensive experience who make a difference with their seasoning and recipes of yesteryear. 

Delivering good service through courteous staff in a relaxed and comfortable environment guarantees us to be able to improve the experience of our diners, who ultimately constitute the fundamental pillar that sustains us and our reason for being.

Our Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Madrid

We know that the degree of customer satisfaction directly affects the success of our business, for this reason we strive to offer prices that are appropriate to their economy so that they can eat within a range of rates that do not have to be always high. In addition, we care about attending without any problem the suggestions that they make us to improve. 

Giving a personalized treatment and keeping our facilities in optimal conditions of health, order and cleanliness is also another of the characteristics that have made us known in the world of restoration. 

In our gastronomic restaurant, specialized in Mediterranean and author cuisine, we make the best Madrid-style tripe in the world, we also have an extensive wine list.

Within our menu, we have exquisite dishes for you to taste, among which we can find:


National products

  • Acorn-fed Iberian ham with tumaca bread €25.
  • Acorn-fed Iberian loin €21.
  • Cured Zamora cheese with homemade jams €15.50.
  • Almadraba tuna mojama with walnuts €16.
  • Chorizo or acorn-fed Iberian sausage €12.5.


  • Tapa: chickpea and beetroot hummus €9.50.
  • Assorted croquettes: with love (Ham, boletus and shellfish) €14.00.
  • Fingers with mustard sauce €15.90.
  • Cod gratin brandade €15.90.
  • ½ Brandade of cod au gratin €9.90.
  • Salmon poke with avocado €18.00.
  • Iberian pork tataki with 3 mustards €17.00.
  • Melted provolone cheese with tomato sauce €12.50.

Salads and vegetables

  • Asian with prawns and sautéed prawns and touches of yuzo and wasabi €16.00.
  • Bonito and tomato salad with citrus marinade €18.00.
  • Spinach salad with blue cheese, fried bacon and walnuts €17.00.
  • Cordovan salmorejo with boiled egg and ham €8.00.

Quality seafood

  • Scallops with Iberian jowls flamed at the moment and truffle mayonnaise €18.00.
  • Mussels with mojo sauce €14.00.
  • Garlic shrimp with coral buds €19.00.
  • Bilbao-style clams €25.00.
  • Prawns in Japanese tempura €19.00.
  • Salpicón with shrimp and octopus to the touch of the chef €19.90.


  • Boletus and parmesan risotto €16.00.
  • Madrid-style tripe “the best in the world” €16.00.
  • Fideuá €16.00.
  • Snails to lick your fingers €16.
  • Seafood rice for two people minimum €18.00.
  • Soupy rice with lobster for two people, minimum €23.00.


  • Selected beef entrecote €29.00.
  • Sirloin and marrow steak tartare €24.00.
  • Selected beef T-bone steak 1000 gr. €67.50.
  • ¼ traditional roast suckling lamb €59.00.
  • ¼ traditional roast suckling pig €55.00.
  • ¼ traditional roast kid €59.00.
  • Old cow hamburger with avocado, cheese and chipotle mayonnaise €15.00.
  • Roasted beef rib glazed in syrup €18.90.
  • Iberian cheek with potato foam, truffle, pepper sauce and crunchy ham, €20.00.
  • Garlic sirloin with kimchi potato foam, €26.00.

Fresh fish

  • Grilled sardines €14.00.
  • Hake salad at the moment €23.00.
  • Sea bass in salt for 2 people €50.00.
  • Roman hake with salad €23.00.

You can find us in Aranjuez and Madrid. Come meet us today and you will have a unique culinary experience that you will never forget.



Calle del Almíbar, 138
28300, Aranjuez, Madrid


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At 12:00 p.m.

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